Babolat Play

Application design for the first connected racquet


 BabolatPlay is the first racket connected. A first!
My mission was to create the user interface of the application and the website Babolat Play
that allows you to discover a new dimension to your tennis game.




Record your game

The Babolat Play Pure Drive racket looks like a regular racket on the outside. Play normally. The technology through the racquet is transparent for the player. Then open your Babolat play app and download your sets from your racquet and… rediscover Tennis.


Analyse your game

Know more about your game to better perform. analyze all aspects of your game. The connected racket gives you access to a lot of information: power, impact locator, type and number of strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, overhead smash), and many more…
Know more about your style, your power, yours skills or your records.


Follow your evolution

Track the progression of your game with the Evolution Part.
Get an easy and detailed overview of your development by visualizing your past session with the graph.

Improve your skills

Get an easy look into which strokes you often use, and which ones you haven’t implemented into your game.
Complete your game and unlock new skills and get to the next level.


Check your tennis pulse

Get an overview of your tennis game with the « Pulse », the dynamic beat of your game that change according to the powet, the technique and the endurance of your game.
Pulse beat, color and texture evolve according to your game improvements and motivates you to play more.


Compare your performance

Compare and share your performance to the rest of the Babolat Play community.
Compare your « pulse » and other data to a friend’s on a one-to-one level.


Web version

Some User interface details for the app and the web application Babolat Play.



Beat and follow your game.
More you play, more it’s full of life and powerful.

In very deep details…



Unlocks level and transform the color trough the entire interface


Game data

Time, shots, effects, power, strokes, rate, energy, regularity, assiduity…
as much data that should be made clear and limpid to the player.








Louis Vuitton


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Responsive website for the Digital brochure « Histoire(s) » by Louis Vuitton. Optimized for mobile, tablet & desktop.
Launch in April 2013

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