Hi there,

My name is Fabien Gavinet, a young, French, Paris-based Web Designer. I love crafting clean interfaces and brandings. I’m currently working as a freelancer as UI/UX designer  and @_ooshot as Lead designer. Previously @OgilvyOneParis  i worked on some really cool projects for really cool brands like Nestle, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Hennessy, Mattel, and Babolat.

After a period as an Art Director, I joined the Interactive Design Team @Ogilvy where I worked with Front and UX designers.

Today I’m challenged every day and I love it. Crafting is for me aiming to deliver the perfect balance between user-centric experiences and a strong Brand Identities.

I’m into Typography, Grids, pixel perfect details, vectors, refining pixels and above all solving design problems before they hit users screens.

I developed strong knowledge all along the design process by trying out new deliverables with clients like Style Tiles, Gui documents, StyleGuides, and Prototypes. I’m a productive person, focused and fast.

I’m a globetrotter, Evernote addicted, a font lover and retro gamer.

You need a Freelance UI/UX designer on Paris ?
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