Mobile First

For the first time i had the opportunity to apply a new way to build a responsive website. A website designed responsivly and in near collaboration of a Front end designer. Templates where brang to life from mobile to desktop and we worked in an iterative way. I didn’t used photoshop to « produce » mockups. I work with it in order to show ideas, test them and refine details, directly into the browser.

Designing the modern way

Working this way allow me to design deeply things and assets that I used to leave aside for lack of time like empty states, variation of elements… The production of this  project was lead by a team with a reduce number of people.

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Les jouets

Gift finder

Working with Style Tiles

The conception of the Gift Finder for the « » website was a project by itself. That’s why i decided to try the use of StyleTiles (a new design deliverable created by Samantha Warren) for the visual part. It was sucessful and very insctructive

Launch Project

StylesTiles allow designer to produce different version of UI elements in order to present clients with interface choices without making the investment in multiple photoshop mockups. This process include directly the client and give the designer stronger feedbacks. StyleTiles operate in parallel with the work of user experience design.

Final proposition

Louis Vuitton

Mobile & tablet redesign

Web Design work and production on for mobile and tablet devices .
This website presents a wide variety of content: editorial articles, videos, a store locator, a personal area and of course all the collections of Louis Vuitton products available and ready for your finger.
Tablets and mobile version designed closely.



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