Louis Vuitton

Online shop

E-commerce design for Louis Vuitton international website for mobile and tablet.
Work based on existing assets from the desktop flash based website.
Design during 2 month the whole transactional tunnel and the implementation of additional functionnality like wishlists.

GUI board

The main objective was to guaranty the visual consistency accross devices.
The use of  Graphic User interfaces boards to refine and polish pixels of each elements was very helpful and determinant.


Louis Vuitton

World of Louis Vuitton

 Creation of original templates for the branded content part of Louis Vuitton.com (mobile + tablets) website.
Each template is built around a content specificity (image wall, event video, portrait or chaptered story)
They are designed responsively for taking advantage of the devices.

  • wolv_0000_01
  • wolv_0001_02
  • wolv_0002_03
  • wolv_0003_04
  • wolv_0004_05


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